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Seminars and Workshops

Putting the Star in HR

One of the most significant distinctions about Montage Insurance Solutions is our ongoing consulting and legal support. Through our highly effective information summits and training programs, we reach out to you with today’s most important aspects of business.

We bring forth experts to educate you concerning the latest State and Federal Labor Law compliance, OSHA certification and more, to consistently give you the access to knowledge that will make you the most well-rounded professional you can be. Furthermore, we assemble some of the greatest minds in the craft of Human Resources to conduct workshops on topics like Progressive Discipline Policies, Performance Improvement Plans, Conducting Effective Investigations and so much more. When you put it all together, what you get with the My HR Summit Series of trainings is a place for some of the best practitioners in the field to come together and continue advancing their knowledge.

Our seminars are filmed and DVD are available upon request.

Upcoming Seminars + Workshops


We are very proud to be recognized for our hard work.

HR Consulting

Putting the Star in HR

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