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Created. Curated. Customizable.

Montage is one of the few agencies with an internal department dedicated to the regular publication of a must-read Newsletter. Through a careful combination of creating original content and curating relevant articles from across the industry, our engaging Newsletter is a wonderful way for you to keep informed of the latest happenings from the world of Health, Safety, Compliance and HR. In addition to our monthly Newsletter for the Employer, we also produce a monthly Newsletter for the Employee as well—and that is fully customizable for you. We offer our monthly Employee newsletter in hard copy and soft copy, in multiple languages, and we are happy to work within your style guide for aesthetics—we can even blend our content with the inclusion of any messages you want to deliver, such as birthdays, anniversaries, a “Note from the President” (or HR!), to truly provide you a wonderfully crafted monthly employee-outreach that is as unique as you are.

The montage newsletter is packed full of wellness and safety tips, following the national calendar, to inform your employee of healthy habits including recipes etc., ergonomic workspace ideas and even office-friendly stretches.

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