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Health Care Reform and 2015 Legal Update



Tobias Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Montage Insurance Solutions

Nicole Minkow, Senior Employment Counsel, Pearlman, Borska & Wax


Health Care Reform

  • What Employers need to know NOW - which Employer Mandates were delayed and which weren't
  • What Employers need to know to be prepared for the near future - finally, truly understanding the Employer Shared Responsibility and what need to know before 2015 rolls in
  • With the elections come and gone and a Republican controlled House and Senate, what does the future of PPACA look like?

Plus…help understanding the Exchanges- both what the employer is required to do and what your employees will need to know

2015 Legal Update

The California legislature has made significant changes that impact the workplace.  Human Resources professionals and business owners must be familiar with these changes in order to properly protect their companies from costly disputes and litigation.  This legal update seminar will educate employers regarding the changes to the legal landscape for 2015 and will include a discussion regarding the following:

  • Mandatory Paid Sick Time;
  • Case Law Update;
  • Wage and Hour update;
  • Changes to FEHA;
  • Expansion of supervisory training requirements;
  • Arbitration update;
  • Review of other significant laws and cases.

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